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Under-Representation of Arab-Israeli Entrepreneurship in Israel Start-Up Nation Economy

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Research Team: 

Pola Barkan, Richard Saleh, Alaa Ayoub, Hadas Glas Shimon, Moataz Abo-Moch, Michael Alvarez-Pereyre

Problem Statement: 

The high-tech industry in Israel - "the start-up nation" is a cornerstone for economic growth and serves as a means for social mobility. However, the representation of Arab society (21% of Israeli population) among high-tech entrepreneurs is just 1%. The problem lies in the separation between Arab and Jewish societies that has existed for decades and is reflected in the locality, education system, and networking in professional circles. This separation has created gaps in the lack of exposure, lack of tools, a cultural bias of the social environment, and a reluctance to take risks. Our mapping indicates there is a need to activate the major players capable of influencing the system, all together, to create a thriving ecosystem that promotes high-tech entrepreneurship among the Arab society. We are aware that we cannot solve the long-standing conflict, however, our multi-ethnic, multi-religious team recognised the shared interest in promoting economic development.