Map the System 2019 competition page

In 2019, Map the System had 34 higher education institutions across eight countries, with 20 finalists attending the Global Final in June. 

Group shot of 2019 finalist team, No Means No

2nd place

Second place went to University of Oxford team, No Means No, who researched the epidemic of sexual violence against women in New Delhi, India.

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the forgotten biome

3rd place

Third place went to Amani Institute, The Forgotten Biome, who researched mass deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado area.

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Honest Fashion

De Montfort University

Runner up

Runner up went to De Montfort University, Honest Fashion, who researched the sustainability challenge in the global fashion system.

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Runner up

Runner up went to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chakra, who researched chakra use among the Indigenous Kichwa of Ecuador.

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Missed Steaks

Yale University

Runner up

Runner up went to Yale University, Missed Steaks, who researched industrial animal agriculture in the US as the cause of major environmental, health and social issues. 

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Headshot of Becky Ryder

Becky Ryder

Becky works across group organisations to support teams who are adopting a systems approach, including leading the development of materials and programs designed to increase systems capacities.

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Headshot of Steve Whitla

Steve Whitla

Steve is the founder and director of Visual Meaning, a UK-based consultancy that combines systems thinking and visual thinking in support of whole-system transformation initiatives for a range of corporate and non-profit clients

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Headshot of Jill Andres

Jill Andres

Jill brings over two decades of experience to her work supporting social entrepreneurs and multi-stakeholder groups to effect meaningful, systemic change.

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Headshot of Henry Majed

Henry Majed

Henry is a member of the executive team at 2degrees, the world’s leading community for sustainable business helping companies cut costs, reduce risks and grow by being more sustainable.

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Headshot of Chintal Barot

Chintal Barot

Chintal works at the intersection of international and private sector development and advises companies, governments and organisations on sustainable growth by balancing financial, social and environmental performance.

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Headshot of Keely Stevenson

Keely Stevenson

Keely is an entrepreneur and an investor. She has lectured around the world on topics such as impact investing, women’s leadership, big data and healthcare. Keely was named a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.

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