Map the System 2018 competition page

In 2018, Map the System had 27 international, education institutions, with 15 finalists attending the Global Final in June.

Dr. Abbey Eeles, University of Melbourne, holding Map the System 2018 prize award

2nd place

Second place went to University of Melbourne, Luna Baby, who researched the issue of premature birth, specifically looking into supporting parent and infant well-being in Australia.

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Bridging the Gap, Simon Fraser University team holding Map the System 2018 prize award

3rd place

Third place went to Simon Fraser University, Bridging the Gap, who explored the mental health and mental wellness outcomes of Second-generation Asian immigrant youth aged 14-25 in the Greater Vancouver region.

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University of Oxford

Runner up

Runner up went to University of Oxford, Daughters, who focused on gender inequality in the U.S. State of Utah.

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Utah Valley University

Runner up

Runner up went to Utah Valley University, Lakeridge, who researched Utah’s Ogden-Salt Lake-Provo area (the Wasatch Front), and its unique geography that creates ‘inversion’.

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+Chilenas en STEM

Teach for All

Runner up

Runner up went to Teach for All, Chilenas en STEM, who investigated a new initiative to work with teachers on gender-stereotype awareness. 

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Headshot of Jasmine Lau

Jasmine Lau

Jasmine Lau is a social entrepreneur and educator from Hong Kong. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Philanthropy In Motion (PIM), which aims to provide the funds, training, and networks for the next generation to maximize their social impact.

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Headshot of Odin Muehlenbein

Odin Mühlenbein

Odin Mühlenbein is a Partner at Ashoka Germany and Lead of Advisory at Ashoka Globalizer. Globalizer helps advanced social entrepreneurs from around the world develop strategies for social system change.

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Headshot of Daniela Papi-Thornton

Daniela Papi-Thornton

As the former Deputy Director of the University of Oxford’s Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. Her report, Tackling Heropreneurship, has been widely referenced in the social impact education sector.

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Headshot of Chintal Barot

Chintal Barot

Chintal works at the intersection of international and private sector development and advises companies, governments and organisations on sustainable growth by balancing financial, social and environmental performance.

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Headshot of Annelies Tjebbes

Annelies Tjebbes

Annelies provides strategic planning, project management, evaluation and facilitation services through AnneliesVera Consulting to support NGOs, businesses and community projects. Highlights of this work include designing and delivering Indigenous Innovation Sessions across Canada for the First Nations Technology Council.

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Headshot of Darian Stibbe

Darian Stibbe

Driven by a passionate belief that all sectors of society must act together to achieve prosperous and sustainable business and society, Darian works with companies, the UN, NGOs, and governments with one aim: to unleash the power of cross-sector partnership to achieve widespread social innovation and sustainable development.

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