How do we create climate resilient cities?


How do we create climate resilient cities?

Hitotsubashi University



 Runner Up 

How might we help New York City build transformative climate adaptation solutions to Flood Resilience?

Research Team

Matthias Muehlbauer, Master of Advanced Management, Yale School of Management; Master of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University Business School of International Corporate Strategy

Winter Wilson, Master of Environmental Management Candidate, Yale School of the Environment


Project Key Insights 

Calculating and addressing the climate crisis into the existing capitalism-influenced structures in New York City has underscored a large amount of historical climate inaction. Deep structures around racism and resident psychology also permeate these complex systems and augment the challenge of flood resilience and climate adaptation. Better collaboration between societal siloes is likely to harbour greater harmony, more equity and better societal outcomes amidst the climate crisis.

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Written Summary