Reimagining Leadership through Map the System

Systemic global problems won’t be solved by a lone genius. To confront the complex societal issues young people have inherited, we must invest in a new kind of leader. Systems leaders catalyse social change by empowering others and prioritise a deep understanding of the unjust systems they are trying to dismantle. It is crucial that systems leadership education reaches as many young people as possible, so that future systems leaders have the diversity of perspectives needed to tackle the complex global problems of tomorrow.

Map the System is transforming the way we teach problem solving within higher education and is equipping a new generation of leaders with the systems thinking mindset needed to re-shape our world.
Take Part as a Student

Students spend several months applying systems thinking to dive deep into a social or environmental topic they are passionate about, creating visual systems maps to articulate their findings in a way that people can meaningfully understand, share, and learn from.

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Partner With Us

Map the System has been delivered in partnership with over 130 Universities since 2016.
Want to bring Map the System to your campus from September 2024? Learn how to run your own competition and register your institution as a global Map the System partner.

How to join as a Map the System partner 

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“Seeking to understand systems requires more than just technical know-how and mapping skills; it also requires heart and a connection to our own and others’ humanity.”


Joe Hsueh, Map the System Educator and Founder, Omplexity & SIMFO


Participating Institutions 2024

The following partner Universities have formally joined as partner institutions for 2024. The Skoll Centre would like to warmly thank each of the following partners for supporting us through this Map the System Transition year.
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